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    These rules apply on all of the servers!

    1. No griefing
    This means anywhere. Even if something is un-protected and abandoned, you are not allowed to grief it. If it doesn't belong to you, do not touch it.

    2. No stealing
    Read above. If it's not yours, do not touch it.

    3. Be mature
    This means no bullying, name-calling, trolling etc.

    4. Be ethical
    No racism, sexism, homophobia etc. If you think it might offend someone, keep it to yourself.

    5. No quarries expect in MINING WORLD
    Every server has a mining world where you are allowed to place your quarries. Placing a quarry in ANY of the other worlds will end in a ban. Using a quarry as a chunk loader to bypass donator restrictions will end in a ban. Digital miners can be placed in any world except over-world and deep dark.

    6. No surface mining
    This means that you can not modify the landscape in the over-world UNLESS you are building there. Making changes to the nature around your house is allowed. Surface mining is also allowed in the mining world. DO NOT take dirt, sand etc from the surface. Its ok to mine UNDER the Surface or if you build on it.

    7. No cheating
    This goes both for duplicating items etc. as cheating/lying to players to get stuff from them.

    8. Respect staff
    Do not bother staff for no reason. Ten people complaining about something does not make us fix it sooner. We fix everything as fast as we can. If a staff member tells you to do something, do it. The same way, if they tell you not to do something, don't do it. Do not argue with staff. If you feel like you have been wronged, make a post about it on the forum.

    9. No lag machines
    Do not place more than three (3) spawners near each other(you're allowed 3 per 16x16 area), do NOT overlap time torches, No animal, villager farms, etc. Please use common sense.

    10. Use your head
    Use common sense and do not abuse bugs or things that are not specifically spelled out here. We cant make a rule for everthing.

    11. Keep Inventory
    Keep inventory is ON in most worlds/Dimensions. However you should be aware that there are a few places that are NOT. If you die here you WILL lose your inventory unless you recover it before it despawns. The following worlds do NOT have keep inventory enabled:
    • Space Stations
    • Moon
    • Mars
    • Deep Dark
    • Promised Land
    • Moo Moo World
    • Dream World
    12. Quarry Removal
    Quarrys keeps chunks loaded. To help deduce lag in on the server your quarry will be REMOVED if left unattended for more than two (2) days or immediately if it overflowing and spilling items. If staff removes your quarry it will NOT be refunded. You are responsible for keeping track of your quarry.

    Failure to follow the rules can lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

    We change and add rules every now and then so please check this post every now and then!
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