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by maddyn99 at 9:41 AM
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Ok from what I can tell this packupdate sucks, its creates a TON of new problems. If your crashing please check for one of the following.

  • Anything that generates a potion effect is currently unstable because Ars Magica is assigning potion IDs higher than 256, causing them to actually get assigned from 0 onwards and either overwrite existing vanilla enchantments or point to IDs with nothing registered and that's when you crash.

    Further information on the issue here:
  • cheyennesoto Member
    Never mind, Looked this problem on the Resonant Rise forums .It seems that if you uninstall ICBM it seems to work again.
  • Optifine is now totally incompatible with the modpack and cannot be used. You will need to remove it.
by maddyn99 at 12:46 PM
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Welcome to the new and hopefully much improved Maddyncraft webportal. We are sorry you had to suffer that last few weeks with the red and blinding white on enjin, but we were working hard on this one to spend any time on something that was going away.

A few things to note.

1. Thanks to Dellici for putting this new forum together for us. It would have taken me 10x as long and looked half as good if I would have done it myself.
2. Enjin will be going away very very shortly. I would suggest you register here and start using this site.
3. Forums will be pruned a bit to remove redundant information and theads.
4. Only a few threads will be carried over from the old Enjin site so if theres anything you want to save or think you need let us know.

Once again welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here at Maddyncraft.