Maddyncraft - Minecraft Server

by iSpazOut at 4:35 PM
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So some dedicated fans of the server have been itching for something new.

So we would like to know what you guys want, what kind of server do you think the player base of maddyncraft would enjoy. It could be a minecraft modpack, Vanilla but with certain plugins or even a different game! Comment with what you would love to see and we will see what we can do about it.

Side note;
Due to life in general there is no expected time for this to be completed, the staff in charge of this have busy lives and will do their best to complete this when they can. Please be patient, we are doing our best

Thank you
by iSpazOut at 3:57 PM
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Currently the site is being spammed by multiple fake accounts, Since it has come to the staffs attention we have cleaned up the forums and will continue to do so, so that we can continue to operate in a happy, safe enviroment

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause
by Tsunamni at 7:24 PM
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I dont know if a lot of yo know this but, Maddyncraft started out as a vanilla server years ago. Well today I am bringing it back to its roots. I tried to keep the server as vanilla as I could, so we have a very minimal amount of plugins. Please make sure you read the rules as they might have changed a bit since you were last on. Voting is still a work in progress but other than that everything else is working fine.

Minecraft version: 1.12
Maddyncraft Vanilla:

Hope to see you there!

by Tsunamni at 10:03 PM
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I guess it's time I give you guys some sort of update as to what's going on and what is going through our heads. So to start you guys off with some background information. I just finished my second year of college and it kept me very busy. Noah has had a full-time job for over a year now and has pretty much stopped playing video games as a whole.

I know that our server quality and communication from Me and Noah has been really lacking over the past 2-3 servers. It has a lot to do with me being in college and Noah working but, it also has a lot to do with the fact that modded has gotten quite boring for us. I think the whole modded community has gotten a bit bored with it as well. Modpacks over the past year or so have been just basic copy and pastes from previous modpacks and the only change has been a version update of the mods. This has made modded very repetitive.

If you guys haven't heard I have been trying to revamp and up the quality of the website and server as a whole. In...
by Tsunamni at 8:12 PM
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I have been keeping a watch on the RR3 server and FTB Hermit server as well and I haven't seen anybody on either of them in quite a while so, I have decided to shut them down to allow more resources to go to future servers.

by Tsunamni at 6:17 PM
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FTB Beyond is now open!!! we have had a couple of problems here and there with this one but we finally are ready to open it to you guys.

FTB Beyond version: 1.6.1
by Tsunamni at 7:45 PM
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I feel that its about time we let RR3 go. Its been around for a while and we have all had alot of fun on it. But I think we should replace it with something more up to date, so in this poll are 3 modpacks that i think are good enough to replace it. Whichever one has the most votes by the 6th of April is the one i will get started on setting up.
by Tsunamni at 11:38 AM
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I will be opening Hermitpack to the public now. Keep in mind since it's new there will still be problems but if you work with me, I will try and fix as much as I can as quick as I can. Currently, we will still be building and doing work on the server as you will notice when you join. I hope you guys enjoy it!!

HermitPack: IP: Version: 1.6.1

Side note: If you don't have your rank when you join(most likely won't), post your ingame name and what rank you were and i will try to get on that quickly as well.
by Tsunamni at 5:46 PM
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Today I will be opening the Maddyncraft Hermitpack server for beta access. The pack can be found on either the FTB launcher or the Curse launcher. Currently it will be whitelisted for Elites only. Comment on the thread and I will try to whitelist you as soon as possible. Please state your ingame name in your comment.

Since we had to change plugins, you won't have your rank when you first join. If I don't rank you up a soon as you join then message me or post on this thread. Your GOAL as a beta tester is to try and break the modpack. Try to figure out ways to bypass the protection plugin and any kind of glitches or dupes or bugs that you can find. But before you attempt to bypass the protection...... ask and make sure the person you are doing it to is ok with it.

HermitPack: IP: Version: 1.6.1

Side note: The server is generating the world as of this post. so if you join within 12 hours of this post, the server might be a little slow.
by Tsunamni at 9:01 AM
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We have updated RR3 to the latest non beta version ( here is the share code: 0Km7MP9F
-P.S Remove the Flood light mod or else you won't be able to join.